Saturday, September 12, 2015

Featured Performances

All performances across from The Belfry (map)
1923 Fernwood Road 

4 PM & 5:30 PM / $12
Mochinosha / Wishes Mystical Puppet Co. Japan & Winnipeg (45 minutes) * older ages *
In 2011, Japan was hit by a devastating tsunami. Tens of thousands lost their lives. Even more lost their homes. Five million tons of debris was swept into the ocean. Debris was made up of pieces of the victims lives. Two years later, tsunami debris began to wash up on Canadian shorelines including a basketball, a motorcycle and a fish in a boat. This is the story of that incredible journey.

Seri Yanai is Japanese. Daniel is Canadian. They met each other while studying poetry in the UK at the London School of Puppetry.

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8 pm / $12
Snafu Dance Theatre, Toronto/Victoria (75 minutes) * Rated E for Everyone *
Prepare yourself for Kitt the Kinder-Whisperer, a high-octane Danish girl whose greatest delight comes form re-enacting her grandfather’s grisly folk tales to young neighbourhood children. Kitt fires up homemade technology to extract and re-enact the audience’s dreams. What emerges through the fast-paced humour is the honest efforts of an outcast child, who entrusts a group of strangers to help her fight her darkest battle.
Featuring live music, shadow puppetry, edible puppets and dark Danish fables.

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10 pm to 12 am / suggested donation $5

Featuring: Natali Leduc’s “The Strange Case of Mr. Fish #1307, Another Adventure of Ludovik, the Little Goldfish”

Also Kirsten van Ritzen / Meinsje Vlaming / Wryly Andherson / Seri Yanai & Daniel Wishes / David Gifford’s giant driftwood spider marionette & Rube Goldberg machine and maybe more …

Hosted by Karen Prell (Red Fraggle) RUNSWITH SCISSORS & Tim Gosley’s The LITTLE YELLOW GUY.

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