2015 Artists & Shows


The Wishes Mystical Puppet Company presents “Debris”, a show using shadow puppetry along with 3-dimensional glow-in-the-dark puppets. The story is based on events following the 2011 Japanese Tsunami. During the Tsunami, five million tons of debris was swallowed by the ocean. After a few years, much of this debris began to appear on the Canadian … Continue reading Debris

Judy Anderson

Judy Anderson hails from Banff, Alberta in the beautiful Canadian Rockies where she spent rather confused childhood wrestling with desires to become an archeologist, psychiatrist and actor. Puppetry came to her rescue with fantastic results. It allowed her to create her own worlds, manipulate the masses and remain on center stage. Her talents as a … Continue reading Judy Anderson

photo of Karen Prell

Karen Prell

Karen Prell of the USA was Red on The MUPPET’S Fraggle Rock & Worm on Labyrinth. Join Karen Prell, Tim Gosley and slam poets 2 Dope Boys in a Cadillac for a slam version of renowned poet bpNichol’s Fraggle Rock script “the Day the Music Died” at “PUPPETS MEET POETS: The bpNichol/Fraggle Rock Project”, Puppet … Continue reading Karen Prell

Little Orange Man by SNAFU

Prepare yourself for Kitt the Kinder-Whisperer! She’s a high-octane Danish girl whose greatest delight comes from reenacting her grandfather’s grisly folk tales to young neighborhood children. Witness this outcast child entrust a group of strangers to help fight her darkest battle. In Kitt’s world, stories produce reality.  Stories come from everywhere: suitcases, shadow puppets, songs, and the … Continue reading Little Orange Man by SNAFU

Moth Orbit Object Theatre

Wryly Anderson is a performance artist specializing in puppetry and object theatre. In nearly 15 years of performance experience, Wryly has written, designed, built, performed and stage-managed in over thirty different puppet-theatre productions. Trained by apprenticship with Carnival Sized Cinnamon Hearts (Vancouver) starting 2003, Wryly formed Moth Orbit Object Theater in 2010, and has since … Continue reading Moth Orbit Object Theatre

Petra Kixmöller

Originally from Germany, Petra has performed as an actor, puppeteer, and director, and has also been a drama teacher.  She is taking all those same roles as part of the theatre community in Victoria.  She has performed with Tim Gosley on such puppet projects as Faust through the Shadows and The Musicians of Bremen, which … Continue reading Petra Kixmöller

photo of Rick Scott

Rick Scott

RICK SCOTT is our FEATURED ACT at our Sunday Puppets for Peace Main Stage Government House Performance. He is an award winning singer, songwriter, & storyteller who combines music and laughter in lively, participatory concerts for all ages. RICK is not a puppet. http://www.rickscott.ca/ http://www.gazzoon.com/

Sue Proctor

Sue Proctor

SUE PROCTOR (Winnipeg) bring your own puppet or choose one of ours.  Sue will lead you to create a story with puppets.

photo of The Little Yellow Guy

Tim Gosley

Muppet Wiki: Tim Gosley Globe & Mail Poetry of the Puppet

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