Little Orange Man by SNAFU

Prepare yourself for Kitt the Kinder-Whisperer! She’s a high-octane Danish girl whose greatest delight comes from reenacting her grandfather’s grisly folk tales to young neighborhood children. Witness this outcast child entrust a group of strangers to help fight her darkest battle. In Kitt’s world, stories produce reality.  Stories come from everywhere: suitcases, shadow puppets, songs, and the bits of leftover food she saved from lunch. There is light and darkness. Humour and pathos. English and Danish. Attention Deficit Disorder. It’s an experience rated E for Everyone, which critics have said is “like something you would expect to see in a Wes Andersen film.”

“Unbelievably funny,” – PLANK Magazine

Remarkable feats of puppetry. – CBC

“A must see.” – Monday Magazine

“A true pleasure that I would recommend to anyone who has become a little too familiar with reality.”
– Charlebois Post

“Half the time I was bawling, the other half I was laughing out loud.  Hansen’s manipulation of found object puppets- many of which are made of food- is so lifelike that you find it hard to believe they aren’t alive.” –The Craig Review

“Visually stunning, superbly performed and incredibly inventive, Little Orange Man stands out from the pack.  At once haunting and hilarious, Little Orange Man offers both heart and thought.  An enchanting, fantastical theatre dream.” – CVV Magazine

SNAFU has toured Little Orange Man to sold-out houses in Montreal, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary, Victoria, and Vancouver, winning seven different awards including Most Outstanding Overall Production in Ottawa and Montreal. SNAFU also performs in fields, washrooms, warehouses, public parks, bike trails, schools and prisons.  Behind bars, SNAFU creates shows with the inmates at William Head Prison, where Ingrid is known as “the 100 lb giggling torturer.” BC-born, Viking by blood, Ingrid Hansen is fueled by a love for talking with strangers. Besides playing with her food, Ingrid trained in puppetry with Fraggle Rock/Sesame Street puppeteer Tim Gosley.  Ingrid puppeteers on the TV show Tiga Talk! on APTN.

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• Twitter:  @snafudance
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